Watermetrics VS Other Soil Moisture Measuring Devices

Evaluate the best soil moisture probe for your farm management needs The increased investment in precision irrigation infrastructure and control systems, coupled with a need for irrigators to be more accountable for their water use and nutrient loss, is resulting in an increase in the adoption of soil moisture monitoring.… Read more »

How to improve crop yields with data and proper irrigation

Excellent data + excellent irrigation = excellent produce – an underground formula for effective produce growth To grow high yielding quality produce, you need the correct levels of irrigation. Too much watering can cause disease, nutrient washout and wasted pumping costs. Too little watering, particularly with shallow rooting plants, results… Read more »

The Power of a Soil Probe in Dairy Farm Management

Your eyes beneath the soil As spring approaches there are important management decisions to make in order to get the best output and production from your stock and your soil. The decisions you make now will impact your physical and financial performance for the whole year ahead. It’s never efficient… Read more »

Watermetrics announces data-driven Predictive Irrigation solution

Christchurch, New Zealand. 15 June 2020.  Watermetrics, a trading division of Arthur D Riley & Co Ltd (ADR), has partnered with SWAN Systems to deliver to their customers a new water and nutrient management platform: Predictive Irrigation. This state-of-the-art, web-based technology is aimed at helping Watermetrics’ farming customers to better… Read more »