Irrigation Management

Irrigation enhances the productivity and profitability of the agriculture sector

The goal of irrigation is to use water in the most profitable and sustainable way

To achieve this goal we need to understand:

  • How much water we have to work with When the water is available
  • The volume, rate, and timing of water applications to promote optimum crop or pasture yields
  • The soil water holding capabilities, plant available water and drainage losses
  • The expected climate – rainfall, humidity and evapotranspiration

Combining all these factors into successful irrigation requires detailed scheduling and the irrigation manager needs to juggle the factors into the schedule. When this is done correctly, crops grow to their potential, animals thrive, and often better performance comes from less water. This all adds up to a better bank balance.

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Quality data comes from quality equipment

Successful irrigation requires quality data.

Watermetrics is experienced in this field and stocks cost effective, quality equipment so that you get a return on your investment. We have a field service team that installs and services all of the equipment.

The data is handled by an experienced administration team and presented in an easy-to-use format that makes decision making easy. This includes phone apps and alert settings.


Pictured on the right: Weather station observations and predictions

Weather Snip

Watermetrics are an Irrigation New Zealand accredited service provider of Water measurement.

The administration will handle all your environmental monitoring and reporting on your behalf.

Our staff are supported by an agronomy team who are able to discuss the best way forward in using the data.


Pictured on the left: Swan satellite imaging


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