Watermetrics Expands in Otago Southland – welcome Lee Hart

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April 28, 2022

Watermetrics has a significant clientele in the Southern Regions. In recognition of improved technology and increasing demand for water and irrigation management tools, we are happy to announce the appointment of Lee Hart as our Otago Southland, Dunedin-based Sales Engineer.

Water use, whether it be supply or storage, must be monitored for compliance purposes and to improve efficiency for Farm Environment Plans (FEP). Watermetrics supplies, installs, and services all related equipment. The collection of data from this equipment and its presentation for easy management decisions ensures the most efficient use of water.

For example, our solutions combine rainfall and irrigation in graphical displays to show the effect on soil moisture. Such displays provide accuracy in soil moisture management, which is important since every situation has different responses. This simply changes irrigation management and saves water.

Lee brings a wide range of experience to the team. His role as an Industrial Electrician includes:

  • Automation experience – process measurement and control, variable speed drives and soft starters (motor control) etc.
  • Instrumentation experience – flow, pressure, level, temperature, weight, analytical (pH, conductivity, turbidity, etc.)
  • Over 10 years in the drilling and pumping industry. Lee has expertise in pump sales, selection, controls/automation and instrumentation, flow meter installation, and verification.

Lee also has experience and understanding of irrigation and efficient water use, so is ideally placed to not only introduce our new technologies but install the right choice of equipment and service it.

In the Central Otago and Southland areas, Lee is responsible for:

  • Client liaison
  • Sales and installation of meters, soil moisture, weather stations
  • Verification of meters
  • All service and maintenance

New and existing clients can contact Lee:

E: lhart@adriley.co.nz
M: 021457238

Contact us if you’d like to learn more.