Richard Campion to lead Watermetrics Business Unit

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July 6, 2022

In March 2020, ADR’s Watermetrics division welcomed Agronomist Richard Campion to the team. Richard brought with him a range of experience and expertise in agronomy, irrigation, and as a business manager. Over the past two years, Richard has put expertise behind helping our customers to make data-driven decisions around irrigation, efficient water use, conserving nutrients, and to ensure the best crop and pasture growth.

In line with recent growth strategy, Watermetrics has added key staff to lead the team into the future. Richard moves into the role of Sales and Business Development Manager, heading up that team and responsible for the running of Watermetrics.

Richard has a strong background in Agribusiness, having taught at Lincoln University, and in water and irrigation management. Since joining Watermetrics, Richard has been leading that with an eye to efficiency with water, improved agronomy, predictive irrigation, and environmental strategies.

Richard has made irrigation decision making so much easier with the SMA analytics tool - it has been very popular and is driving growth in the business as its so easy to use at the operator level. We congratulate Richard and look forward to the new season and wish him well. – Bruce Franks

"There is so much that needs improving in the water management sector," Richard explains. "There's a lot of fragmented data being produced but no one really pulling it together so that common sense management decisions can be made with it."

Richard is excited about this new chapter for Watermetrics and goes on to explain that the focus of Watermetrics is in the areas of clean water and its conservation, identifying the best use of water, expanding crop agronomy through better use of water, and lowering pumping costs. He says that agriculturalists and environmentalists need to understand that every drop counts and they need accurate and meaningful data to achieve that sustainably and professionally. That's where Watermetrics comes in - with our range of very advanced and effective equipment and methodology to gather and present important data in a meaningful way.

"I am excited to lead the team forward into this most important area and Watermetrics will be seen as leading the way for the water management sector," Richard says. "There is a broad field to operate in, from large irrigation schemes to the farming sector. We also need good data for environmental management. We have recently appointed people with industry-specific technical and problem-solving talent - this team is ready to go."

Our new Watermetrics team, with Richard at its head, is committed to providing quality hardware, solutions and powerful programmes, and the essential service of recording and viewing data to make proper decisions around water use.

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