Level Sensors

Storage Pond, Effluent Pond, Tank Level, Water Trough

While it can be easy to judge the height of a Storage or Effluent Pond, having a cost effective sensor can reduce the chance of something going awry, (think of Environment Court and heavy fines for effluent breaches).

Watermetrics can provide a number of solutions to monitor water levels with user defined alerts and thresholds if levels exceed certain levels. Combined rules can also be established when other sensors are deployed. For example, if a pump is not going and the water level is going down, send an alert. In addition, by monitoring water levels, over time, you will have a proven record that can be used for KPI monitoring, governance around environmental planning and FEP audits.

We also have the solutions to monitor water tanks and stock troughs. In monitoring these and having alerts established for low water levels, you can ensure water is used in the most efficient way.

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