What is this?

It is the conduit for getting the data out of your sensors an into a service provider that can analyse your data providing information decision-making tools for key input resources on your farm.

Having the right data logger and communications protocols can be the difference between getting it right and costing more on your farm.

We understand that this isn’t the most exciting of products but it forms an integral part of the data collection process.

About Cellular Telemetry loggers

  • Capture data at 15-minute resolution.
  • Data configuration easily viewed online in real time
  • Use Spark or Vodafone as network carriers – offering 24/7 network uptime/support.
  • Global SIM also available for international clients

Why Use a Logger?

  • Proven reliability in the marketplace – close to 1000 units working reliably throughout New Zealand. Failure rates lower than 0.2%
  • Easy to connect other sensors to monitor – Expandable, return on investment extended
  • Easy installation – Realtime end to end data check post setting logger up. (get the right number back to the councils)
  • Flexibility of power options: Mains, solar and 24-volt dc power options.
  • 2g/3g network support – improved coverage. – RF options available where network coverage is poor (available but cellular is recommended.)