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Meet the standards

FEP’s are an important farm management tool to define best management of the farm’s resources from both production and sustainability angles and set standards to meet current and future compliance requirements.

Having an acceptable plan gives accuracy for the operator. Actually meeting the defined standards of the FEP requires sound accurate data including an accurate record of the timing and amount of inputs.

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Monitor and report tools

Watermetrics assists by providing source information enabling proof of use of water, nutrient, and effluent resources and has available monitoring and reporting tools to provide FEP data.

As well, the data captured on your farm and presented on the dashboards can assist in the decision making Predictive Irrigation process around when and how much water to apply.

We can link your data to your nominated FEP advisor or consultant.


Obtain a high grading

The Watermetrics Soil Moisture Analytics and Predictive Irrigation Scheduling tools provide not only amounts of resource used but show in a clear way why an application was made in the circumstances at the time of application.

These types of solutions are important proofs in obtaining a high FEP audit grading.

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