Have you been wondering how to measure your water usage, especially if you’re in agriculture or horticulture, and using more than 5 litres/second? If this sounds like you, you’re now required to install a water measuring device, and the pressure to comply is likely to increase in 2018.

While Environment Canterbury (ECAN) is likely to be scrutinising on-farm water metering more closely in 2018, there is of course real efficiency gains to be made from using a water measuring system. The data is also critical to understanding the region’s water resource and ensuring it is being used efficiently.

At Watermetrics, we’re always innovating to help farmers make the most of their irrigation resources. We can , the know-how and most importantly, timely responses to data queries and changes.

Watermetrics can help you achieve compliance, as well as maximising your returns through efficient water usage, by providing a total water measuring solution. If you don’t comply, you’ll be contacted by ECAN to find out why, and you could face legal action. To prevent this, and to improve productivity on your farm with efficient water measurement, you need to install a water measuring system.

Once it’s installed, you’re required to submit installation and verification certificates to ECAN. This is so they can update their records, and raise notifications with service providers if there are any issues.

If you haven’t already got a water measuring device, you’ll need to have one installed this season by an

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