PRESS RELEASE – Christchurch, New Zealand. 13 June 2018.

As water management technology becomes increasingly critical to New Zealand’s agricultural sector, Watermetrics is delighted to announce a broadening of its product and service offering with the acquisition of the telemetry and data services business of Prosol.

‘’The pressure on consent holders from authorities to justify their irrigation is intensifying, so monitoring technology is becoming increasingly critical to the future of their operations,’’ says Watermetrics Business Development Manager Bruce Franks, which acquired Prosol through its parent company A D Riley.

The transaction will enable Watermetrics to provide more choice to the market, ‘’Smaller consent holders, especially in that 5-10 litre/second range, have smaller budgets and need options at lower price points.’’

Mr Franks said this part of the market is coming under increasing scrutiny from regulators and needed to put water metering solutions in place. ‘’Prosol has a data logging product suited for the 5-10 l/s market, which gives us the ability to effectively service smaller consent holders, while providing them with the high level of service for which we are known’’.

Prosol’s customer base now has access to Watermetrics broader range of products and services, including being able to future-proof with access to Internet of Things (IoT) metering and sensor technology, which is the logical future pathway for most monitoring technology says Mr Franks.

‘’This acquisition reflects a maturing of the water metering technology market, which has been pioneered by a group of innovative providers, but is now consolidating as farmers and other consent holders need service providers with the size and expertise to provide high quality support.’’

Mr Franks said the acquisition is only in relation to Prosol’s telemetry services business, and distribution rights to its datalogger products.

About Watermetrics

Watermetrics provides water monitoring technology and services to a wide range of farming operations throughout New Zealand. It has over 5,000 monitoring points using a mix of its products and services.

Watermetrics is a division of Arthur D. Riley & Co. Ltd (ADR), a wholly New Zealand owned company supplying and servicing the utility industry with special emphasis on electricity and water metering, and high voltage equipment for distribution networks.

Established in 1909, ADR is proud to represent a select group of manufacturers from across the globe, and the knowledge and competence of its technical personnel who supply solutions to clients in New Zealand, Australia and throughout the Pacific Islands.

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Bruce Franks,
Business Development Manager, Watermetrics
03 977 3606