Update: As of 27 May 2020, Watermetrics is operating business as usual now and we have returned to our offices. Please contact us via our 0800 493-762 or email support@watermetrics.co.nz if you have any questions

With the Level 3 Lockdown in place, Watermetrics take its obligations to ensure the safety of our staff and customers seriously. In Level 3, we are continuing to work from home and will do so until instructed otherwise by the government. We know this is a really difficult time, and we’re here to help as much as possible, however, during this period, we will not be undertaking any farm or consultation visits.

You can still contact us, via our 0800 493-762 or email support@watermetrics.co.nz. Once the Government changes the lockdown status, we will be back in the field to undertake repairs and continue logger upgrades.

We wish you and your family keep safe and well. Kia Kaha.