What are Soil Moisture and Temperature (SM/T) Sensors?

While Watermetrics can provide a number of soil moisture/temperature sensors we are able to use other types. Regardless of sensor choice using an sm/t sensor will enable you to:

  • Provides visibility into the status of the ground beneath you.
  • During the shoulder ends of the season, knowing how much water to apply will promote good pasture growth.
  • Maximise kg/ha of your pastures
  • Gives tools to apply the optimal amount of water at the right time and at the correct application rate.
  • Help reducing Nitrate Leeching – charts show you before the water is going past saturation and capacity.
  • Provides validation around decisions to irrigate – make informed decisions rather than guesswork
  • Monitor remotely to ensure the correct amount of water is being applied at all times.

Soil moisture and temperature sensors.