What is this irrigation management service?

By utilising various sensor data, farmers can ensure they are applying the optimal amount of water at any given time.

 Information around soil moisture and temperature, rainfall, amount of water applied and Evapotranspiration allows you to neither over-water or under water.

irrigation management - water use efficiency

Get More Out of your Water


Irrigation – Getting it Right

Getting Irrigation Right has many advantages

  • Uses less water and stops over irrigation.
  • Saves nutrients and eliminates leaching.
  • Matches plant water requirements.
  • Increases plant quality and yields.
  • Is environmentally responsible.
  • Meets FEP requirements.

Your farm management, agronomy and your bottom line improves markedly.

Example 1 – Dairy
On a 600 cow dairy farm a modest 4% increase in pasture quality and yield at a $7 payout adds $200,000 of income through more milk solids and saves on input costs as well.

Example 2 – Crop
Turning small potatoes into bigger potatoes significantly improves economic outcomes.

Example 3 – Viticulture
Correct watering of grapes allows you to manage crop quality and taste, better achieving the desired result.

There are many examples of significant economic gains from ‘Getting Irrigation Right’.

Watermetrics provides the tools, the data, and the thinking to ‘Get Irrigation Right’

Our Flowmeter, Soil Moisture Probes and Weather Recording Equipment are reliable, efficient and proven to be accurate.

The accumulated data is presented in an easy to read form, from which detailed farm management decisions can be made.

We can provide Irrigation Scheduling based on historic and predicted information.

Our knowledge of pasture and crop agronomy adds to the process. We have staff available to to assist clients and help make best use of the equipment and information.

While our equipment is top quality and proven over time we are also happy to use existing farm equipment.

We provide:


  • Insertion or inline
  • Magflow or Ultrasonic
  • Battery or Mains Power

Soil Moisture and Temperature Probes

  • Easy to install – no digger required
  • Data visible in days not months
  • Readings every 100 mm depth
  • Standard length is 500mm (longer options on request)

Weather Stations

  • Rain gauge; or
  • Full weather station – 6 sensors (rain, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, solar radiation, humidity).