Why do water meter and pipe work installations need to be verified?

When a new meter is installed or replaced it needs to be checked to ensure it is accurately recording the flow passing through it and the data sent to regional council is accurate.


A verification is a snapshot of meter performance taken during a normal irrigation event. A verification meter is fitted to your existing pipework with the flow rates passing through the installed water meter checked against the calibrated verification meter. So long as the flow rates are consistently within a 5% margin, the meter will be certified and a verification certificate submitted to your regional council. If the installed water meter cannot be verified, i.e. there is a greater than 5% error margin, then additional steps may need to be followed. The verification does not guarantee ongoing accuracy within the required 5% margin, particularly in highly variable conditions, nor does it guarantee data or inaccurate data being sent to your regional council.

There are a number of factors that can cause a water measuring device to lose calibration and accuracy, including:

• a build-up of deposits, minerals oils, and solvents.

• wearing, breakage or failure of internal mechanical parts.

• electronic drift.

• improper installation.

• modified pipe configurations.

• meter changeover or repair.