We are excited to welcome a new team member at Watermetrics – our Agronomist, Richard Campion. Richard’s love for farming began as he started his career as a Farm Supervisor at Landcorp Farming Ltd.

Looking for additional opportunities he undertook postgraduate study at Lincoln University. Richard obtained a Post Graduate qualification in Commerce based on Agribusiness Management and Agronomy, and then went on to become a Lecturer in Agribusiness Management.

Richard has also project managed both the installation of irrigation scheme infrastructure and on-farm irrigation equipment in both New Zealand and Egypt. He is familiar with the importation of irrigation equipment and its benefits. In gaining this experience Richard has developed a sound understanding of best practice irrigation and in particular how it relates to the agronomic aspect of plant production. He is able to translate data produced on-farm and transforming it into sound irrigation decisions. Richard has experience in the use of predictive irrigation, making him a valuable asset to the Watermetrics team and our customer base.

Together with Watermetrics, Richard puts expertise behind irrigation decision making to make savings through efficient water use, conserving nutrients and ensuring best crop and pasture growth.

Watermetrics have a proven range of products and hardware solutions – from small 32mm water meters, weather monitors, moisture probes, right up to the infrastructure to monitor and manage an irrigation scheme. We can provide the products, solutions and data management that is increasingly critical for today’s successful and compliant farming operations.

If you’d like to make a time to meet with Richard and discuss our irrigation monitoring solutions, drop us a line and we’ll arrange a time to catch up.