Christchurch. 2 June 2020. 

Watermetrics (a trading division of Arthur D Riley & Co Ltd) today announced the acquisition of Hydrological Ltd from Boraman Consultants.

‘’This is an exciting development for Watermetrics as Boraman have built a high quality telemetry, data and website portal with Hydrological Ltd, but have been become constrained by the Aquacom technology platform they are using to gather the data at farm,’’ says Bruce Franks, Watermetrics’ Marketing and Development Manager.

‘’Technology developments in the past 24-36 months have surpassed the Aquacom Network and we had been searching for an alternative for some time,’’ says Dave Boraman, Managing Director of Boraman, who confirmed that the search led to the acquisition deal with Watermetrics.

Mr Franks confirmed that Hydrological customers would continue to receive the same quality service, with their old data collection technology progressively being replaced by Watermetrics state of the art IoT solutions.

‘’For farmers it means they will get better quality information more regularly, so they are equipped to make informed decisions about their farm and irrigation management.’’

Mr Boraman was pleased the deal would bring real benefits to his customers, ‘’Watermetrics offer a more comprehensive package for farm monitoring needs – their design and technology team are innovative and their scope is evolving with changes in requirements.’’

‘’We look forward to bringing Hydrological’s customers onboard, and to continue working with a highly respected provider like Borman Consultants,’’ says Mr Franks.

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